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Kitchen & Bath Planning Tips

Advice on planning and design tips by our very own Certified Kitchen Designer, Shad Johnsen CKD. You will find helpful tips for planning your project, kitchen & bath planning advice, how to choose products and innovations in the industry.

“Tips on How To Survive a Kitchen Remodel”

Planning to remodel your kitchen, but you have heard nightmares about how they have gone for others? Shad Johnsen, CKD, a 28 year veteran and Certified Kitchen Designer, will share some tips he has learned from working on thousands of kitchen remodels. These tips will save you stress, heartache and money as you prepare for a one of the largest investments and most intrusive projects you may ever take on. Get help from experts, don’t try to take a kitchen renovation on without professional advice.

“What Affects the Price of Cabinets?”

When choosing cabinets, you may be surprised to find out there are multiple factors that can affect the price of cabinets by as much as 100% each. Find out more so you can take charge of what you will invest in your cabinets.

“How to Choose Cabinets”

Choosing cabinets can be a little complex. In this brief video, you will learn about some of the basic decisions to be made in choosing cabinets.

“Kitchen Planning Tip: 2 Height Countertops”

When planning your kitchen, remember that most spaces have at least two users with different heights and needs. This video will share some reasons why two heights are good to plan for.